Take the Wallpaper Woman test

Take the test and discover if you’re a Wallpaper Woman. Tick A, B, or C.

1. In a room of 25 year olds do you:

A. Fold the napkins? B. Do the Gangnam Style? C. Feel like their mother?

2.  When you offer your opinion, what happens?

A. Your companion’s eyes glaze, like Paul Hollywood’s buns. B.  You first cough and collapse into girlie giggles. C. You go and have a lie down afterwards.

3. How would you describe yourself?

A. Simon’s Cat  B. Simon Cowell?  C. Simone de Beauvoir?

4. You’re trying to read the label at a supermarket but have forgotten your reading glasses. Do you…

A. Put the food in the trolley’s child seat and push it far enough away to focus?

B. Even cat food can be a delicacy. C. Grab an under 35 for help?

5. A market researcher asks your age. Do you…

A. Lie – ‘ I’m 40 but under pressure.’ B. Say, ‘If I tell you my age, I’ll have to bake you a cake.” C. Tell the truth?

How did you do?

All Cs – You’re a walking Wallpaper Woman!

Mostly Bs – You’re a Wallpaper Woman in the making.

Mostly As – You’re a woman….


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