Do you have OCD – Overdoing Christmas Disorder?

santa hat

Is it boredom? Has the recession made us plan how we’ll pay for the biggest celebration of the year when still watching the Olympics? Maybe the Internet has changed us so much, we’re now compelled to order Christmas presents along with a summer holiday. Whatever, OCD or Overdoing Christmas Disorder is a growing phenomenon.

• Tesco set up its Christmas aisles 110 days before the event

• Asda opened Santa Grottos in store with staff dressed as Elves in August

• The Card Factory began stocking shelves with Christmas cards 19 weeks early

I can’t bear to buy anything festive while leaves are on the trees and Hallowe’en hasn’t happened. When I was a kid, Christmas happened in December and not a day before. It made it magical. Only three TV channels created spine tingling anticipation at what the Christmas film would be and when it was finally announced, it was news.

Posh houses had advent calendars and –  get this kids –  no chocolate, just a pretty Christmas scene. In our house, we couldn’t run to that but I loved the Blue Peter Advent crown made from a bit of tinsel, a wire coat hanger and good old “sticky back plastic.”

All I want this year is for the world to wake up and smell the pine cones: Christmas isn’t Christmas in September.


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