Gotta love a lip sync

The debate over whether Beyonce lip synced at Obama’s Inauguration got me thinking how fab it would be to have a few choice songs or phrases ready prepared to serve when the occasion arises. There’d be no worry about saying the right thing, seizing the moment or your mouth turning to dust. Just lip up and you’re away….

Lip Sync #1lip sync beyonce

He says: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

You LS: That Go Compare song from the TV insurance commercial.

Lip Sync #2

Your child says: “I can’t sleep.”

You LS: Obama “Yes we can” (because talking to kids it’s always the royal ‘we’. You know, ‘We are going to eat our lunch aren’t we?’)

Lip Sync #3

He says: “I’ll do it in a minute.”

You LS: Justin Beiber ‘I won’t give up.’

Lip Sync #4

He buys you garage flowers on your birthday.

You LS: Beyonce ‘If I were a boy.’

And your favourite lip sync moment is…?


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