Speidi or just plain Snidey? #CBB

speidiMy name is Wallpaper Woman and I watch Celebrity Big Brother. There I’ve confessed. Let the Dumb Down police do their worst. I don’t care. And I’ve just flicked my hair like Speidi for effect.

Speidi are married. She looks like Barbie while Spencer looks like he’s in Emmerdale. They are the union that is Spencer and Heidi from America’s mega reality show, The Hills.

They say ‘We are Merry Cans’ a lot. And are as two faced as that girl at school who was dead nice to your face then slept with your boyfriend behind your back.

But, they are great TV. So tonight, I’ll be watching the Live Final rooting for…. Rylan. Because although he dyes his ginger locks, gets his lips done and flaunts around in trousers guaranteed to bring on a dose of infertility, he’s the real deal.

I love Brian Dowling too (in case he gets jealous).


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