Child’s play: Could your kid pay your bills?


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s four year old daughter is set to earn shedloads appearing in a film with her mum. She’s playing a princess, of course.

It runs in the family – Angelina starred alongside her handsome dad, Jon Voight (he of the white scarves and Midnight Cowboy fame) when she was just six.

Clearly Brangelina do not need the money.

But in these recessionary times, a lot of families are struggling, working two jobs and finding it harder to pay the bills. So if you had the chance to make some money out of your child, would you?

The upside of putting your child on the stage is a whole new experience for you and your little one with endless grandparent bragging rights. It’s great for confidence but there’s the nagging thought that all the attention could add up to precociousness city. And no-one wants to go there.

Kids need to be kids. Do they really need to start work at four?

Big bucks, little people

* Angus T. Jones, 19 has starred in Two and a Half Men for almost a decade. Now he’s paid around $300,000 every episode.

* Jaden Smith, 14, son of Will Smith, received around $3 million in The Karate Kid

* Justin Bieber, all of 18, made $55 million in 2012


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